Bluestone 42 series 3 on the way

Bluestone 42 has been recommissioned.

Bluestone 42 – the critically-acclaimed comedy following a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan – is commissioned for a further 6×30-minute episodes. Produced by BBC In-house Comedy, the producer is Michelle Farr and the executive producer is Stephen McCrum. 

Bluestone 42 is back

Bluestone 42 (credit BBC/Coco Van Oppens)

Nick’s new number two, Corporal Gordon House (aka Towerblock), has deployed to Afghanistan with a smart new pistol: the Glock 17.

Nick then feels he must prove to Towerblock he can pass a weapons-handling test and get himself one. Unfortunately, he’s too proud to do the training, and the test does not go as planned.

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Harry Potter’s ‘Neville’ joins cast of BBC Three’s Bluestone 42

Matthew Lewis (credit: BBC/Coco Van Oppens)
Matthew Lewis, best known for his role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, has joined the cast of Bluestone 42, the critically-acclaimed BBC Three comedy drama which follows a fictional bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan.

Lewis plays ammunition technician Gordon House, nicknamed Towerblock, a smart and affable butcher’s son from Leeds with a penchant for danger.

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Series 2 of Bluestone 42 on the way

Bluestone 42

Bluestone 42, the critically acclaimed BBC Three comedy drama series about a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan currently enjoying large audiences on the channel, has been re-commissioned for a further series, Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three, announced today

Written by Richard Hurst (Secret Diary Of A Call Girl) and James Cary (Miranda), Bluestone 42 follows the fortunes of a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan – the camaraderie, bonds and banter they share as they go about their high-risk jobs. The series was carefully researched and informed by serving and former

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